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Ingredients of Semenax

Male enhancement products

There are various male enhancement products available in the market. All the manufacturers claim their product to be the best. All products say that it will increase the amount of semen within few days. However, several researches that created the formula of Semenax believed that size is not only the important thing for enjoying sex. For enjoying sex to the fullest, the quality of the seminal fluids also plays an important role. Before buying any of the natural products for male enhancement it is very important to know the ingredients used in it.

As far as Semenax is concerned one can take it without worrying about the side effects as this product is natural. The makers of Semenax make sure that they use natural ingredients so that the user does not get affected by any side effects. Each ingredients used in this natural product is tested in clinics to ensure its safety. With the natural elements used in Semenax, both the partners can enjoy sexual pleasure. The ingredients used in the Semenax increases the volume and make sure that ejaculated semen is of good quality. As the virility and the quantity of sperm are important for the conception, this might be the reason for causing male fertility issues.

herbal product

Semenax is used by large numbers of people as it improves one’s sexual health. A question that strikes everyone’s mind is what separates Semenax from the other male enhancement products. Semenax consists of amino acids which are added with necessary herbs. These herbs have undergone different tests for several years and are proved to be really beneficial. The main ingredient used in Semenax is Catuaba bark. This is an herb known for increasing libido. With the consumption of this herb one can improve their sexual relationship and the reproductive system.

better motility of the sperm

Another ingredient used in this natural product is Maca. This is an herb known for assisting libido, lack of energy and impotency. This herbal product is used in most of the male enhancement products. Another ingredient known by the name of L-Carnitine helps in the better motility of the sperm. An ingredient known as L-Arginine HCL is known for increasing both the sperm motility and concentration. This in turn produces fertility and with this particular herb, one can be assured about healthy sperms.

sexual desire

Horny goat weed, also known as Epimedium Sagittatum is a necessary component in Semenax. This herb is popular for raising the sexual desire in a man. It has been found by several scientific studies that when this herb is combined with the amino acid, and zinc, it enhances both the production of testosterone and the features of semen. As this natural pill consists of pumpkin seeds, it helps in increasing the production of hormone and also improves the health of the prostate. The other ingredient known as Zinc oxide plays the role of a medium for the fusion of testosterone. This helps in raising the motility of sperm by 80%. This is generally mentioned in the prescriptions meant for penis Enhancement.